Get These Things Done Before You Relocate

Relocating home maintenance tips for selling

The only thing that interfere’s with the excitement of moving into a new residence is having to go through the moving process. Planning and making a move to a new location is usually the source of a lot of stress and frustration. Still, there’s only one way you are going to be able to get from point A to point B, you have to actually move.

If you are contemplating a move due to a new job, upgrade in housing or for any other reason, there are things you can do ahead of time to make the moving process easier. The most important thing you need to do is get yourself organized to prevent missing something. The following is a list of five things you should get done before you head off to your new location.

Sell Your Existing House

If you are a homeowner, you’ll need to start selling your house as soon as possible. The more time you leave yourself to sell your existing home will sometimes translate into you getting closer to the selling price you want. Getting the biggest price possible will hopefully ensure you have the cash necessary to cover your relocation costs, including the down payment on your new home.

Submit Address Changes

You’ll be amazed at how many things in your life are tied to your existing address. After you have officially secured the rights to your new location, you need to make a list of all the places for which you need to submit address changes. Included on that list should be your creditors, banks, your employer, insurance companies, government agencies like the DMV, IRS and Social Security and any friends/relatives you want to keep contact with.

Arrange for Movers

The cost of hiring movers can be quite high if you wait until the last moment. The very minute your are able to settle on a moving date is the very minute your should start contacting movers. If you leave yourself enough time, you should get three bids and accept the lowest one if all things are equal. If you are relocating to another state, this is a critical step. If staying local, you could save money by buying renting a van and buying a few beers for your friends.

Eliminate Clutter

After years in the same location, you have no doubt cluttered you home with things you no longer need. Moving time is a great time to hold a garage sale and start downsizing your household to the things you really need or want. If you haven’t used something in six months, you probably don’t need it.

Clean Both Residences

As you depart your old home, the respectful thing to do is clean it and leave it in good condition for the next occupants. Likewise, you want your new location to feel as fresh and new as possible. If you give both places a good cleaning while empty, you can hit everything and leave things pristine and ready for occupancy.

If you put a good moving plan in place ahead of time, you’ll be pleased with how well the moving process will likely go on moving day..